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Davis Dyer Max, Inc. Blog

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The rise of ransomware is just the beginning Original Post: Jun 26, 2017 | By Denny Jacob, PropertyCasualty360 As cyber attacks continue to increase in frequency, a company's cybersecurity action plan must be able to rein in and mitigate threats as they develop.   READ MORE >>

Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. While many are rebuilding and putting their lives back together, we've seen our state and our communities come together in a big way...#TexasStrong. Catastrophes have a way to bring out the best in people... and also the worst. READ MORE >>

This season has presented itself with lots of opportunities to give, perhaps none so great as in our home state of Texas.  Hurricane Harvey has left many Texas residents in great need for many months to come.  While our Texas spirit lends intself to generosity, make sure you are smart when making financial contributions to "help". READ MORE >>

While we usually think of “practice makes perfect” as a good thing, when employees continue “practicing mistakes,” the probability increases that their actions will result in an accident or injury. READ MORE >>

 Original Post July 19, 2017 by Kroll FBI releases warning regarding privacy concerns for internet-connected toys The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a public service announcement alerting consumers to the potential dangers of “smart toys,” basically any toy that can connect to the internet. READ MORE >>

After a long day of work, you check the mailbox and see the letter your family has been waiting to receive for weeks.  The letter is from one of the colleges your child has applied for, and it feels heavier than the other letters that have come. As a parent, no matter how old they get, you can never stop worrying about your children. READ MORE >>

There is a new generation of workers in town. Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2012, just graduated from college. With their arrival, managers and supervisors could be managing employees of four to five generations at the same time. READ MORE >>

When I was the editor of National Underwriter at the dawn of this decade, the notion of cyber risk was not even on the radar of most board directors and even some company officers. Yet less than seven years later, I can’t cite an exposure causing a greater degree of anxiety among those at the top of the corporate pyramid. READ MORE >>

Nothing spoils a picnic or cookout faster than a fire, so before you throw the brats, burgers, and dogs on the grill, read these safety tips. Safety Tips for Outdoor Grilling Before using a propane gas grill, check the connection between the tank and the fuel line. READ MORE >>

Everyone has a friend that has their own ‘my two cents’ on buying insurance, so when being offered advice, take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t get me wrong, opinions can be great, you just have to know when you should seek expert assistance. READ MORE >>

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