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Davis Dyer Max, Inc. Blog

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Risk management isn’t just a defensive tactic designed merely to keep something bad from happening. Effective risk management can also be constructive and encourage the creation of something positive. This positivity is a culture of value and self-awareness. READ MORE >>

Everyone has a friend that has their own ‘my two cents’ on buying insurance, so when being offered advice, take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t get me wrong, opinions can be great, you just have to know when you should seek expert assistance. READ MORE >>

 According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 40 percent of businesses never reopen after a disaster. Implementing steps to prepare for and respond to disasters can help to reduce loss. In order to protect your business from unavoidable interruptions, it is recommended that you have a plan in place. READ MORE >>

OSHA laws apply to every workplace. Here are the primary employer responsibilities according to OSHA: Employers must provide their employees with a workplace that does not have serious hazards and follow all OSHA safety and health standards. Employers must find and correct safety and health problems. READ MORE >>

Often we think of insurance as something we purchase and hopefully never have to use. The fact of the matter is, bad things happen, and often by accident or the negligence of others. Casualty Insurance can bring about peace of mind for tragedies we never anticipate.   What is Casualty Insurance? READ MORE >>

North Texas is no stranger to severe weather, especially this time of year.  With hurricane season upon us, a potential heavy rain threat lingering in the Gulf today and a State still reeling from heavy hurricane and flood damage just 10 months ago, now is the time to consider purchasing food insurance to protect your property. READ MORE >>

Insurance claims are made every day. Looking at the most common claims made just goes to show exactly how much of what’s important to us in our everyday lives can be protected by purchasing insurance. Wedding Insurance A majority of wedding insurance claims are made for lost deposits. READ MORE >>

When it comes to signing up for your Employee Benefits you will want to perform some level of risk assessment. Employee Benefits packages are carefully constructed by your employer and provider and are legally obliged to conform to statutory regulations so it’s unlikely they will contain a large risk. READ MORE >>

You’ll often get tips on how to Lower Your Work Comp Premiums, Reduce Your Work Comp E-Mod, and Cut Your Work Comp Claims Cost. But what about the root of the matter….you’re exposure to workers compensation claims? What can be done to limit the risk you face? Here’s a few tips: READ MORE >>

A question came to us recently regarding a rental property: Is Building Insurance the same as Fire & Legal Insurance? The quick answer: No. Building insurance is not the same as Fire/Tenant Legal Liability. “Fire (aka Tenant) legal liability” is a way to describe the risk that all persons, businesses, institutions, etc. READ MORE >>

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