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Davis Dyer Max, Inc. Blog: 5_2017

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Original Story: Apr 19, 2017 | By Claire McInerny Cybersecurity is a crucial part of any business, but new research shows employees are overwhelmingly trying to skirt online precautions to access blocked websites or services. One report from Dtex Systems says 95 percent of organizations have employees trying to get around security measures in their workplace. READ MORE >>

Why get serious about data security? Because the risk is always there. Technology has evolved into an essential tool for business. Nearly every firm relies on software, email and the internet to conduct business and deliver services. READ MORE >>

With increased control and scrutiny of corporate practices, directors and officers are under ever more pressure. Just the allegation of an error or misdemeanor can lead to extensive losses of personal assets even for those serving a part time, non-executive, or honorary role in an organization. READ MORE >>

Buying travel insurance, no matter the mode of transportation, is a purchase decision that changes with each scheduled trip. When we discuss our travel insurance plans, they typically are geared for travelers flying to a destination or taking a cruise. READ MORE >>

This past week, workers across the country staged a strike on International Worker's Day.  Their purpose was to bring awareness to social and employment issues.   While this strike may not have affected your or your business, it's important to be aware that these topics come up more and more in our everyday living. READ MORE >>

Earthquakes are few and far between, but when they do occur they can be devastating. In fact, among natural disasters, earthquakes are the most costly to recover from. Despite the enormous financial impact that an earthquake poses to one’s home and belongings, many view earthquakes as an abstract risk—one that will likely never happen to them. READ MORE >>

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