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Davis Dyer Max, Inc. Blog: scam

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  The holidays are right around the corner. With the season of giving upon us, hackers are ready to take advantage. Here's some tips on a few scams you should watch out for in the coming months.   Bogus Charities Increasingly, hackers are setting up fake charity websites to scam people with good intentions. READ MORE >>

Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. While many are rebuilding and putting their lives back together, we've seen our state and our communities come together in a big way...#TexasStrong. Catastrophes have a way to bring out the best in people... and also the worst. READ MORE >>

This season has presented itself with lots of opportunities to give, perhaps none so great as in our home state of Texas.  Hurricane Harvey has left many Texas residents in great need for many months to come.  While our Texas spirit lends intself to generosity, make sure you are smart when making financial contributions to "help". READ MORE >>

Fear is one of the most effective methods used by scammers. Fear creates confusion leading to hasty and often disastrous decisions. Seniors are often most susceptible to these tactics. Fear of financial ruin, legal action or safety creates confusion and causes many victims to pay or give personal information to scammers. READ MORE >>

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