4 Things You Must Do When Implementing a Wellness Program in the Workplace

healthyWith today’s rising health care costs and increasing individual focus on health, wellness is becoming more and more important. Davis-Dyer-Max understands the importance of improving employee wellness for both intrinsic and cost benefits.

Steps to a successful wellness program

So what can you do to ensure a successful wellness program? The following are four critical factors that will contribute to the success and sustainability of a workplace wellness program.

1. A commitment from senior management. It is crucial that senior management is on board with the idea with a wellness plan, and is committed to seeing the wellness program through from inception.

2. Create a wellness team. A wellness team should consist of potential program participants and represent different areas of the company. This is so opinions of different areas are taken into account and so those who are likely going to be utilizing the program help guide its direction.

3. Collect data. A wellness program should be based on several different factors including:

  • Employee preferences, which can be collected through a survey
  • A health risk assessment taken by participating employees to see where health risks are, which can help guide your program
  • Claims analysis, to discover where the company is spending money on health claims. Identifying cost drivers can help determine the direction of a wellness plan and determine whether there are specific areas the company’s wellness program should hone in on.

4. Develop a plan. Any successful wellness program will have the following components:

  • A mission statement and goals
  • A reasonable budget
  • An execution plan
  • Evaluation

The success of a wellness program depends largely on the commitment put into it and the communications surrounding the program. If employees are not aware of a wellness program, they are not going to participate. In addition to helping ours client draft a plan to get a wellness program off the ground, Davis-Dyer-Max supports workplace wellness, through educational and promotional resources to build awareness.