5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Health Care Benefits

While employers are seeing a significant change in the manner in which they offer health care benefits in recent years, employees themselves are also seeing a change in the type of cover they receive. Here are 5 questions you should be asking about your health care benefits.

Which doctors are and are not covered by this plan?

Each insurance provider has a difference network of doctors they deal with and therefore cover treatments from under their policies. If you regularly attend a specific doctor’s office and wish to continue, you should be enquiring as to whether or not it is recognized by your provider.

Can I continue with my ongoing treatment?

Similarly if you are attending regular treatment with a health care professional or are on prescription medication, you need to check these details against the conditions of your plan. Does your provider recognize this health care professional? Is there a monthly dollar cap or exclusions list that may affect your prescription?

What are my out-of-pocket expenses?

Like the deductible on your auto insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses are the amount of money you need to pay on health care before your insurance kicks in. It’s important that you understand this cost as it varies from carrier to carrier. If you don’t find out the cost early, you could wind up with a larger bill then you expected.

Are there any additional options available to me as well as health insurance?

It might be tempting to take the lowest cost option and do nothing more, but you may be eligible for additional benefits on top of your standard benefits package. As well as health insurance coverage, your employer may be in a position to offer wellness programs or fitness incentives that could stand to benefit you in the future.

Who do I contact for further information on my health care benefits package?

Your employer will be required to keep you updated on your benefits package with regular notifications. There will an individual or a number of personnel within the company or a contact from your company’s benefits provider who acts as an information source for employees. Identify who this individual is and keep their contact details stored for future reference.

Informing ourselves about health care reform and our health care benefits package allows us to get the best value from our coverage. What questions do you have about your health care benefits?

If you still have questions about your health care benefits, click here to ask an expert