6 Steps for Creating Your Return to Work Action Plan

Texas is opening up, y’all! At Davis-Dyer-Max, we know that choosing when to reopen your business isn’t an easy decision at any time, much less during a pandemic. So we’ve put together a few steps to help you get started on your Return to Work (RTW) plan.

  1. Determine whether to reopen now or later. Review all of the guidance provided by your state and local governments. Make sure you understand the risks of reopening. You can call us if you need some help with a risk assessment or speak with your legal counsel as you consider your reopening plan.
  2. Create a Pandemic Response Team to help manage the potential spreading of the virus after you reopen. Define the roles on this team and appoint team leads, communications experts, and sanitation supervisors at the very least.
  3. Modify and disinfect your workplace. This is not an and/or idea. Following protocols like social distancing, daily cleaning, AND regular handwashing can go a long way in keeping your workplace germ free. Consider separating workstations or adjusting your floor plans to help your employees keep a 6-foot distance from one another.
  4. Establish employee screening protocols and policies. This virus won’t go away once businesses reopen. As such, it is so important to have a system for screening potentially sick employees before they enter your workplace.
  5. Compile safety materials for employees. Provide your employees with resources on social distancing, handwashing, surface disinfecting and other related topics to maintain a healthy workplace. This important task could be a job for your Pandemic Response Team.
  6. Finalize your reopening by reviewing policies and procedures with your risk management and insurance team, as well as your legal counsel, before reopening.

Flexibility is key as we all work together to create a safe workspace in this new “normal” working environment. If you need any help with your RTW program, please let us know.