Helpful Hints to Avoid Water Damage

Brought to you by our Partners at Chubb Insurance Group

Water damage doesn't only happen in the winter

Although water damage is often thought of as a winter phenomenon due to freezing (and bursting) pipes, water leaks from appliances and pipes can happen at any time and can be especially disastrous if you are away. As you pack up to head out on vacation, or even just for a weekend getaway, take steps to protect your home from a leak, pipe burst, plumbing defect, or sudden, accidental overflow. Unfortunate incidents like these can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, displacing you and your family from your home for months during repairs and mitigation.

To prevent water damage while you’re away:

Turn off your water supply, then drain the pipes by turning on a faucet on the lowest level of the home until it runs dry.


Install a flow-based water shut-off device. This is your best protection, and can prevent a plumbing disaster by identifying leaks and/or changes in water pressure and automatically turning off the water valve to protect your home from damage.

Chubb recommends Leak Defense by Sentinel Hydrosolutions. Here’s why:

Water defense systems by Sentinel provide the most comprehensive protection available under most circumstances.

Chubb has worked with Sentinel to negotiate a discount of up to 35% on the Leak Defense device for our clients.

Sentinel helps make the entire installation process hassle-free. Just call a Chubb dedicated toll-free number (855-422-3426), and Sentinel will manage the entire process, from product education to installation scheduling and coordination with one of their network plumbers.

Sentinel’s service includes regular communication, including a follow-up call after installation to make sure you understand how the system works.If you would rather use your own plumber, Sentinel will coordinate installation with them as well.

For more information on Leak Defense, visit to view video demos, FAQs, and information on their new app.