Insure My Road Trip

COVID-19 in 2020 has caused many families to look for alternative ways to enjoy family time together. While regular “vacations” may be on hold for now, families can still get out and enjoy some sightseeing while practicing safe social distancing on a family road trip. If that’s an option for your family, we encourage you to look into purchasing Travel Insurance during these uncertain times.

Buying travel insurance, no matter the mode of transportation, is a purchase decision that changes with each scheduled trip. When we discuss our travel insurance plans, they typically are geared for travelers flying to a destination or taking a cruise. Travelers don’t always take a plane or ship to reach their destination, some plan road trips.

Trip Delays You Don’t Expect

If you are traveling to a remote area only accessible by one road, some beach houses or mountain cabins may be at the end of one road at risk for weather erosion (like a coastal storm or snow storm). Some travel insurance companies, albeit not many at all, provide plans with coverage for this very situation. If this could happen to you, before you purchase a plan, talk to a representative to find one that will cover this.

If your end destination is a pre-paid, non-refundable vacation package (like at Disney World when it reopens), you may want to consider travel insurance. In your journey, you could encounter road closures or traffic accidents that cause an injury that delay your trip. A good insurance plan could reimburse for any trip cost lost due to these delays and any surprise accommodations that may be needed.

And of course with so many lockdowns, shutdowns, reopenings, delayed opening etc., it’s always a good idea to read the fine print to see if and how coverage is affected.

Rental Insurance

One of the questions we get from individuals when they rent any vehicle: Should I buy the rental insurance? We answer: YES!

If you are renting a vehicle for an extended amount of time for your road trip, either a private passenger vehicle or some type of RV, we recommend purchasing the insurance from the rental company even if you already have rental coverage on your personal insurance policy. Many times the rental company will provide insurance that you may or may not have on your personal policy and should you have a claim, the policy from your rental company will be quicker to respond.

Medical Emergencies While Road Tripping

When traveling away from your home town, you may want to check with your health insurance to see how your coverage works. While most plans will cover you while out of network, some may not. Travel insurance with medical emergency coverage may be a good option. This may give a limited amount of reimbursement for emergency care that isn’t covered by your current health insurance.

Need to Cancel My Trip

No matter how you are traveling, if any of your trip has prepaid, non-refundable components, you should consider travel insurance. Life happens; trip cancellation benefits can help lessen the burden of those unexpected “happens”. Consider the cost of your trip. If this is a big investment for you, be sure to protect that investment! Several of the comprehensive travel insurance plans here have really great trip cancellation coverage. You can always look for plans that allow you to add Cancel For Any Reason coverage.

Driveway-to-Driveway Protection

For road trips, you will want driveway-to-driveway coverage. This starts the minute you leave your driveway, not the day you check-in to your hotel. Most plans have this coverage, but you’ll want to do your research on our comprehensive plans.