Stay Safe In A Flood

Floods can happen anywhere. Even if you’re not in a high-risk flood area, you may have to deal with extreme wet weather such as a flash flood. Make sure your home is protected and your family is prepared with these tips:

To protect your family…

Know your Evacuation Route

Know your evacuation route. Understand your community’s flood evacuation plan and take note of several escape routes you can use if ever necessary. Also, leave as soon as officials recommend – don’t wait to be ordered to evacuate.

Create An Evacuation Kit

Create an evacuation kit. When a flood hits your area, you’ll want to be ready to leave immediately. Consider packing an evacuation kit ahead of time, with items like food, a first aid kit, prescription medication, and copies of your important documents. Learn more.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed. Monitor weather conditions and see if your community has a text or email alerting system for emergency weather notifications.