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Mr. Sherman Jacksons’ knowledge of the regulations and requirement has helped my company save hundreds of thousands of dollars during these past decades. A good agent is one with many years of experience, knows the regulations, understands your business, have your business as his priority and contact you on a regular basis to let you know he is in your corner.

I have been working with Michele McGill & Suzzie Goodell of Davis-Dyer-Max for over five years. Their friendliness, expertise, prompt response time and attention to detail is what makes Davis-Dyer-Max a leader in the industry. I would highly recommend Michele & Suzzie for any developer or HOA insurance needs.

I have worked with Michele McGill and Davis-Dyer-Max for numerous years. Michele and all of Davis-Dyer-Max are always very courteous and eager to assist me with my needs and requests. Michele is quick to tell me what coverage I need. Michele and Davis-Dyer-Max make me shine with my boards and they will even come to my Board and/or Annual Meetings to explain insurance!

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